The place where lobes get parts of their personality in tradition of Appalachian Music Crafts in Winston-Salem NC!

Stephen T. Wishnevsky

Luthier – playin´ guitar and makin´ all these fabulous wishbasses, guitars and lots of other uncommon string-instruments

Hans Siffert

Refining-“Master” –  Love refining these amazing instruments although a breaks´s sometimes a gift.

After years of playing the clubs, balls and parties as a singer and keyboarder of a dance band came years of dancing (modern jazz / ballet) and teaching, superimposed and replaced by years in theaters. After another 10 years of “decent” family and professional life (engineering office), a few years of support of my 3 sons and their band followed. Since optimal instruments seemed to be inseparably linked with a corresponding financial portfolio, creativity was required and so it all started. Low priced guitars and basses won´t turn to expensive collectors’ pieces, but they can be very well sounding instruments of use……

….the beginning of my love for Wishbasses was born ……

PS: Please don´t mix up stock Wishbasses with refined ones. Refined doesn’t mean making instruments from the stock shining pretty! There are a few similarities in the philosophical approach generally with regard to the production of stringed instruments, but we (Steve and me) are worlds apart when it comes to the choice of wood, playability and features of the finished instrument.